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Vision Hero Nymph Outfit

The Vision Hero Euro Nymphing Outfit is loaded with technical features usually reserved for top-end Euro Nymphing set-ups.

Are you looking for a Euro Nymphing Outfit? The new Vision Nymph Hero Outfit is the perfect nymphing package for targeting trout and grayling in streams and rivers. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, this ready-to-go kit will dramatically up your game. Moreover, at £399.99 RRP, it won’t break the bank, saving you £130 over buying the rod, reel, line, and travel tube individually.

Euro Nymphing Outfit – Nymph Hero Rod

Every good euro nymphing outfit starts with the rod! The immaculately designed 10’6’’ 3wt Nymph Hero, has got it all, a game-changer that features a super-sensitive nymphing-specific action and offers you so much more when it comes to your precious time on the water. It allows you to effortlessly get those nymphs into all the likely-looking sweet spots. The length of this rod is perfect for drift control and also helps when mending across tricky currents, while the light line rating aids delicate presentation. This control over the flies means constant contact is much easier to achieve, so hitting those subtle takes becomes far more likely.

There’s plenty of backbone deeper down in the rod blank, and this really comes into play when targeting bigger fish in challenging conditions. The power and sensitivity ensure trophy trout and grayling can be subdued, even in powerful flows. The Nymph Hero is perfect for targeting trout and grayling no matter where you choose to fish. It makes light work of small, technical streams and has all the key attributes to cover every single scenario when it comes to medium and large rivers.

This lightweight tool is loaded with high-end technical features usually reserved for top-end euro-nymphing rods. Additionally, the four-piece rod has small single-leg guides spaced closer together to minimize line sag. It also has a down-locking reel seat, placing the reel further back and balancing the whole outfit beautifully. A proper nymphing rod!

Euro Nymphing Outfit – Hero Nymph Reel

The Vision Hero 3/5 reel is a fantastic-looking piece of kit, and it marries up to the rod perfectly. Together, they offer an incredibly balanced euro nymphing outfit. This combination makes for easy, hassle-free casting and fishing. Lightweight, strong and robust, featuring quality components with a silky smooth and efficient drag for exceptional control. The large arbour design has massive advantages when it comes to line storage as it helps prevent memory, which is crucial when nymphing with thin leaders. It also offers efficient and fast line retrieval. 

With three uniquely crafted outfits to choose from, finding the perfect setup has never been easier. Discover the full range of Hero fly outfits that promise to enhance your angling adventures without blowing your budget. Available in Nymph, River and Stillwater-specific combos. Designed with novices and experienced anglers in mind, these outfits come complete with rod, reel, line and backing in a Vision Travel tube. Allowing you to get on the water without breaking the bank.