Frodin Salar S3 SH Fly Rod



The Frodin Salar S3 SH Fly Rod

Frodin Salar S3 SH Fly Rod 10’ #7 – a powerful SH fly rod for salmon and sea trout. It’s the ideal set-up for small rivers and low water – but still powerful enough for a sinker and bigger flies. It handles big strong fish but also tiny flies with absolute accuracy. It’s perfect on tricky conditions for spooky fish, to skate or free float a dry fly or even wading the windy coastline for silvery sea trout.

Developers must craft the fly rod with utmost precision to ensure excellent performance, as it is a highly technical instrument. The Frodin Salar S3 SH Fly Rod has a deep-action, hard-kicking rods that create loops carrying your fly the distance, precisely to where you want it. As a natural extension of your body, these fly rods not only allow you to feel the fly swim but also enhance the sensation of that big fish aggressively grabbing your fly and turning downstream. The short cigar-shaped handle and the classic red butt are designed for optimal ergonomic position to transform the movement into the maximum amount of power without wearing you out. With a tremendous kick and unmatched sensibility – Frodin Salar S3 SH Fly Rod ia a tool of power, tools of joy! Made of the latest Japanese and Korean materials in what many recon the best rod factory in the world.

Perfectly Matched

Match with the Frodin SALAR Fly Reels, our second series, where classic traditions meet innovative engineering. Every millimetre is considered: from the sealed disc drag system, salt water resistant aluminium and drop-formed braking adjustment to the classy burgundy side plates, polished oval rims, ivory replica S-handle and brass details that match our Frodin Salar S3 SH Fly Rods perfectly. They make a reel that withstands the forces of nature and ages with beauty. Anglers have caught thousands of fish, including salmon weighing over 50 lbs, using these reliable “workhorses.” FrodinSALAR Fly Reels are the toughest of the toughest – they spin like panthers and take a beating like a grizzly! Made in a German state-of-the-art fly reel factory in collaboration with Ralf Vosseler.

Frodin S3 SH Fly Rod – Features

  • Short cigar-shaped ergonomic handle
  • Classic burgundy red butt in durable high-tech foam
  • First-class cork
  • Robust reel seat in silver
  • Matte deep burgundy blanks with glossy tone-in-tone windings
  • Hard chrome snake guides
  • Stripping guides in titanium
  • Burgundy rod sock
  • Black triangular non-breakable cordura rod tube
  • A mix of 46ton + IM8 NANO material
  • 3D Cross strength technique
  • Helical Core stress-relief
  • X-Joint construction for smooth arch and powerful sensitivity

Frodin S3 SH Fly Rod – If You’re Serious about Salmon Fishing.

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