The Ultimate Fly Fishing Gift Guide


Need some inspiration for a gift for the passionate fisherman? We have the ultimate guide for fishing gifts which every fisherman is going to love! 

1. Thomas and Thomas Zone Fly Rod – £449.00

Thomas and Thomas Zone Fly Rod

Thomas and Thomas have been making rods since 1969. To those who have used them, it will come as no surprise that their new model, The Zone, won best in show at IFTD this year. A rod that shows uncompromising quality and legendary performance. Make your friends jealous out on the water with one of these awesome sticks. They are available in 3wt through 10wt.

2. Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch – £24.99 

Simms Waterproof Tech Pouch

Perfect for every fisherman’s stocking. Keep your phone and valuables dry with this waterproof tech pouch from Simms.

3. Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket – £180.00


Warm, windproof and water resistant. The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket has it all. A very popular jacket, it can be worn for everything, be it as part of a layering system on the coldest of days or as an out layer on the milder spring days. These are a must for any outdoor enthusiast. They also have a 55% postconsumer recycled content for the environmentally conscious amongst us. 

4. Costa Del Mar Polarised Glasses – £249.00

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa DO polarised glasses. Worn by guides world wide, few manufactures can come compare when it comes to fit, style and quality. The Costa lenses are second to none when it comes to cutting the glare and helping you spot fish.

 5. Sight Line Provisions Bracelets – £54.95

For the fisherman that has everything. Choose the one that matches your favourite fish species to target. A way to express your passion for nature in a subtle and stylish way.

6. Frodin Salar Supreme Fly Wallet – £11.95

Salar Supreme Fly Wallet

Storing tube flies is notoriously difficult. Famous salmon angler, Mikael Frodin, has designed these wallets to store tube flies of all sizes without causing damage. They can hold hundreds of flies and the wallets will easily fit in your wader or jacket pocket. They are made of a thick, durable plastic with a robust reliable zip. Available in 4 different sizes.

7. Hardy Ultralite FWDD Fly Reel – £179.99

For any river fisherman, this reel is guaranteed to be a hit. Lightweight, stylish and well made. The good guys at Hardy’s have pulled out all the stops in the production of this reel. A firm favourite amongst some of the top river anglers in the UK.

8. Guideline Shooting Head Bag – £21.99

Are you tired of your shooting heads getting mixed up and tangled, forgetting which one is which, or in my case ending up in the hoover. The Guideline shooting head bag will help you bring order to your fishing kit by storing all your shooting heads in an organised manner. With the ability to hold 20 heads there is plenty of space.

9. Airflo Fly Fishing Kit – £69.99

For those looking at getting into fishing or introducing a member of the younger generation into the sport, this an ideal gift. The kit contains everything you need and is ready to go for your first day on the water.

Have you now got some inspiration? Great! If not – shop the rest of our gift range …


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