Yeti Tank 85


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The YETI® TANK 85 Ice Bucket is a party-ready ice tub with the legendary insulation you expect from YETI®. Made from durable, rotomolded design and military-grade nylon handles, so you can use it over and over. Large enough to hold a keg, 111 cans (only) or 100 pounds of ice so your next tailgate, fish fry, or backyard barbecue is stocked for the occasion.

Fits 111 cans (only)
Fits 100 lbs of ice (only)
Fits 20 wine bottles (only)

  • FATWALL™ DESIGN: Holds up to three inches of insulation.
  • PERMAFROST™ INSULATION: Pressure-injected polyurethane locks in just-packed temperatures.
  • DOUBLEHAUL™ HANDLES: Made from military-grade polyester ropes. 
  • ANCHORPOINT™ TIE-DOWN SLOTS: Makes it easy to attach to your boat, trailed, or truck bed. 
  • ROTOMOLDED CONSTRUCTION: For virtually indestructible protection. 
  • BEARFOOT™ NON-SLIP FEET: Prevent sliding on the boat or in the backseat. 
  • VORTEX™ DRAIN SYSTEM: Leakproof, rugged, and designed for quick and easy draining. 

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