Swazi Windriver Jacket


Using AEGIS® Windshield fleece Swazi have created the most breathable and completely windproof jacket available. What does this mean? Quite a lot. Especially considering under heavy activity, your body can perspire at least 1 litre of water per hour. Features include amazing deep pockets for your stash, plus a domed and touch taped chest pocket. The hood, based on our original Tahr hood, has a wired peak and excellent peripheral vision. And it’s detachable. When you need that extra leg movement on the hills, side vents are zippered to open. The main zip is a big chunky YKK10 Vision two-way. The Windriver is the best garment you will own, whether on the farm, in the bush or downtown. Key Features: Made from the 3 layer microfleece Swift fabric  100% windproof and very breathable Shower-proof YKK full length two-zip with side vents that open for extra leg movement  Two side pockets with zips to keep the wind off your hands  Large outer chest pocket  High collar to keep out cold winds  The design of the hood allows excellent peripheral vision and can be folded down and domed or detached when not needed  Great windproof outer layer


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