Rovince Ergoline Anti-Tick Trousers


Rovince, the specialist in tick-resistant clothing! The fastest growing producer/wholesaler within Europe with a 100% focus on ticks and tickprevention through professional protective clothing. This result is due to our innovative capacity, fully certified tick-resistant clothing lines and, most of all, enthusiastic, skilled and professional staff. All Rovince clothing has the unique co-polymer product impregnared into the garment. Tests have proved the protection to be 98% effective against tick bites and will stay active for up to 100 washes. The product has been scientifically developed and tested.  Features: ZECK-Protec – permanent Anti-tick protection Spacious side pocket 3 lockable legpockets Double stitched seams around the cross Lockable knife pocket Increased dorsal area Quick drying fabric High tear resistance Suitable for professional use Extra long finished Fabric Quality: 50% polyester/ 50% Cotton, 230 gram   READ OUR FIN & GAME BLOG ON ANTI-TICK CLOTHING BY CLICKING HERE 



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