Swazi Gaiters


It always amazed us how the majority of snow gaiters were big, wide and cumbersome – like bulldozers for the snow. The SWAZI® Ali-Gaiters® are snug fitting, so you actually cut through the snow. At the end of the day that makes a huge difference to your level of fatigue. As your calf muscles expand and contract so too does the Kevlar® impregnated stretch polyester of the gaiter. You won’t even notice you’re wearing gaiters! We’ve made our boot ties from steel cable – so no more broken gaiter ties after one trip! Ali-gaiters® dry extremely quickly and roll up to a small ball the size of your fist. Key Features: Made from the light yet tough Kevlar Fabric  Expands and contracts with calf movement  Steel cable strap for durability  Lace strap to prevent snow migration  Quick drying snow resistant



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