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The new RIO Elite Scandi OutBound Switch is an exciting addition to our UK-specific Elite Outbound DH range. This exceptional line combines the beloved taper and profile of the original Intouch Scandi Outbound Switch with RIO’s groundbreaking SlickCast technology, resulting in unparalleled performance with your favourite switch rod.

When designing this line, we refined the Elite Scandi OutBound taper into a shorter head that excels with Switch and short double-handed rods (up to around 13’ maximum). The integrated head is designed to cast easily and load quickly. It’s a fantastic choice for anglers of all abilities and ideal for tight casting situations. The rear weight distribution and long front taper make this line easy to cast and allow energy to transfer effortlessly through to the fly.

RIO’s SlickCast creates the slickest, most durable coating on the market with the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line, enhancing durability and increasing casting distance. The reduced friction of SlickCast enables the line to shoot through the guides with less resistance leading to longer, effortless casts while the introduction of RIO’s ConnectCore Plus brings even more benefits. This low-stretch core improves line control and increases sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the slightest of takes. This heightened sensitivity enables quicker reactions for effective hook sets, especially when dealing with subtle takes or when fishing at distance.

Floating short Scandi head – Integrated shooting line **Use with RIO Medium Versileader for increased depth control and presentation (Available separately)**

Only available in the UK 🇬🇧

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