Orvis Flow Hemo


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Discover an upgraded, updated version of the classic fly-fishing hemostat in the Orvis Flow Hemo.

In the Orvis Flow Hemo, old-school reliability meets an innovative new design of the angler’s classic fly-fishing hemostat, a must-have tool. We started with a lever-action carabiner on the handle, which requires just a single upward or downward motion to clip/unclip from any attachment point. The finger holes came next, now double cased in a comfy, grippy coating and oversized to accommodate gloved or larger hands. The small leverage extension grip off the larger hole also offers ample finger space to really lean into the tool and makes crimping stubborn barbs much easier. Once gripped, a mitten clamp makes unlocking or locking the jaws easy—just squeeze. The business end of the jaws even features scissor blades for trimming tippet or for on-the-water fly modifications.


  • Quick-clip, lever-action carabiner attachment handle
  • Excellent for gloved or larger hands, with oversized finger holes
  • Apply added pressure by placing a second finger on leverage extension grip
  • Comfortable, grippy double coating
  • Easy-open mitten clamp
  • Scissor blades included on jaws

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