Frodin Willie Gun Samurai Series



Is this the best colour combination of them all? Of course, not for all conditions but the magic of the harmony of these colours is unbeaten. As soon as there is a tint of colour to the river this is a superb fly, fast on a downstream belly it will do miracles. This is a favourite for many, perhaps this will be the Frodin Samurai that in total will outsmart most salmon.

The origins of the long, slim fly trace back to the Collie Dog and Sunray Shadow. We have a soft spot for the gracefully tapered fly, and our rendition—the Frodin Samurai—has proven to be exceptional. The small turbo paired with the long, straight wing creates an elongated drop form. Sparse and translucent, it’s made to be fished fast. The question is, dare you fish them fast enough?

  • Slim elongated profile
  • Tungsten turbo cone
  • M FITS tubing for fixed hook
  • Elegant distinct silhouette
  • Effective fished fast
  • Synthetic jungle cock

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