Frodin BTT Nobody Silver and Silver



Frodin super-light nobody series includes flies in 6, 4, and 2 cm sizes. Using brass instead of tungsten, these flies hover just below the surface. Crafted with soft materials and benefiting from turbo tube turbulence, they showcase unmatched swimming. Combined with Frodin loose bodies and Frodin TTT nobodies, the BTT flies offer fantastic weight and color combinations.

When the river is gin clear you need the fly to almost disappear. This very discrete fly is our first choice for gin clear conditions. The little flash sparkle is all you see and what triggers the sunshine salmon in a good way. Small, light and extra discrete is this our low water sunshine option. We fish it mostly with a bare Frodin FITS Tubing in silver, clear or glow but if we want it to be a bit more visible we choose the Greenlander loose body.

  • Broad profile
  • Brass turbo tube and brass turbo cone
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Beautiful drop form
  • Small sizes

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