Frodin Salar Supreme X 10 fly wallet



Frodin Flies Salar Supreme Fly Wallet, are the optimal way of storing tube flies. So effective, practical and smooth! Browse and pick a fly before opening the wallet, perfect for windy conditions or wading. No more broken wings or lost flies!

When we launched our first robin Flies Salar Supreme Fly Wallet with five pockets in fall of 2016, we hoped many would see the advantages. But what a success it was! Now, we give you our next generation of fly wallets. Golden brown with copper rivets, these 10-pocket wallets are truly slick. The advantages are the same as with the original, well protective, displays the flies, keeping hundreds of flies for you on the river. These two new wallets come in the same sizes, with 10 pockets, two ventilated for used flies. Try the new even more efficient Frodin Flies Salar Supreme Fly Wallet and enjoy the many advantages!

This is the bigger ‘X’ fly wallet with the dimensions: 20 x 13.5 cm.

  • Durable high quality plastic and smooth zippers
  • Stores hundreds of flies 
  • Ventilated drying pockets  
  • Keeps the flies in perfect condition 
  • Displays the flies in any weather

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