Frodin Nasty Banana TTT Nobody Series



The dirty yellow option on the humus tinted river is a safe card. Many versions on this concept have been tried. We prefer this a bit to the brownish-olive side, it’s discreet but well seen. We fish it with the gold steering Frodin FITS tube, but also with black or bronze. We prefer to fish them quite small, seldom over 6-8 cm. On the Frodin TTT they are easy to tie and to get the right profile.

Our weighted nobody series, tied on our Frodin FITS tungsten turbo tubes, for a broad swimming profile. The Frodin TTT provides an easy and durable solution. Fish the fly loosely on the leader, securing the hook with either loose bodies or bare medium FITS tubing. Vary the body length and color for a flexible approach to fishing this modern, deadly effective fly!

  • Broad, translucent profile
  • Tungsten turbo tube and micro turbo cone
  • Fished with loose hook 
  • Many possible colour combinations 
  • Weighted lively swimmer
  • Synthetic jungle cock


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