Frodin Jock Scott Classic Series



The classic of all classics! The most famous of all salmon fly patterns, this masterpiece by James Wright is legendary. Some anglers say you cannot consider yourself a true salmon angler without catching a salmon on a classic Jock Scott. This fly, in one version or another, or in patterns inspired by it, can be found in almost all salmon anglers’ boxes and wallets. The black and yellow colors make this a superb all-around fly, effective in almost any conditions. Try it, feel the wings of time and tradition, and enjoy. We have kept the original colour concept, enhanced it with our SSS synthetics, and transformed it into a soft, modern, drop-formed classic that will swim and outfish the original feather wing.

  • Medium broad profile
  • Tungsten 1/2 turbo cone
  • M FITS tubing for fixed hook
  • Balanced modern swimmer
  • Beautiful drop form
  • Synthetic jungle cock

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