Frodin Greenlander Loose Bodies Series


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Fluorescent chartreuse is a fantastic colour a sunny day on the clear river, or the river with a tint of green to it. This body can also ad a bit of green to our greyish patterns like Silver & Silver or even the Yellow White Wing. The rubber legs give some extra vibrations that will help attract the fish.

Fishing loose bodies have become increasingly popular. Our Frodin TTT and Frodin BTT nobody flies can be used with just a medium FITS tubing to secure the hook. However, these loose bodies offer more options to find the perfect combination for specific conditions. It’s an extremely effective system where a simple body change creates a whole different pattern. Each pack includes 3 bodies in 3 sizes.

  • 3-pack containing 3, 2 and 1 cm sizes
  • Flexible and durable FITS Tubing in medium
  • Brushed SSS dubbing for that extra sparkle
  • FITS micro turbo cone for balance and strength
  • Shiny tail fibre
  • Rubber legs to give extra vibrations

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