Frodin ‘Cloudy & Rainy Days’ Fly Selection


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This is the assortment for the perfect salmon days with low skies, soft light and a bit of rain – these days we all dream for, when it’s a bit easier making the salmon take. Presented in our Slim Double Frodin SALAR Supreme box.

Our fly selections are the result of thousands of fishing days and tens of thousands of takes. We’ve curated our orange Frodin SALAR boxes with several different selections, each containing 8 or more exceptional flies tailored for specific conditions. Inside every box, you’ll discover a valuable note crafted from tear and waterproof paper, featuring tips from Mikael on when to fish the flies, where, and perhaps even how to make them produce the take.


  • SALAR Supreme box
  • Expert tips from Mikael Frödin
  • Truly proven flies for specific conditions    
  • Flies that’s taken thousands of fish
  • Reduced package price

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