Frodin Black Heron Spey Series



Many great fishermen say that when you’re unsure of what to tie on, pick a black fly! Black is seldom completely wrong; even on a clear river, a black fly can be effective if the size is adjusted small enough. This is one of the very old Spey flies, originating back in the mid-1800s. It was also the absolute favourite fly of one of Mikael’s biggest heroes, Mr. Anthony Crossley, the man behind one of the best books ever written, “The Floating Line for Salmon & Sea Trout”. Mikael has walked in the footsteps of Crossley and has also taken quite a few fish on this discrete, mobile little fly.

  • Translucent spey profile
  • FITS tubing and tungsten turbo tube
  • FITS tungsten turbo cone
  • Spey heron hackle

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