Frodin Barret Bimbo Classic Series



This odd-looking fly looks a lot better wet in the water. The brutal hackle slims down, and it swims beautifully. This is one of our favourite flies for Em’s big sea trout. It carries Mikael Frodin’s favourite pool’s name where it caught many nice sea trout, a few over 20 lbs. We fish it slow and let the seductive hackle do the trick. A good silhouette and lots of motion, that’s what these big trout love.

This is our largest fly series. We call them Frodin Classic because of the way they are tied: a wing dividing the front hackles and with the balancing 1/2 turbo cone as head. Most of our flies originates from this family, the complex fly with all ingredients. To us these are the most fun to both tie and fish – they are the classics of our time!

  • Medium broad profile
  • Frodin Tungsten 1/2 turbo cone
  • Frodin M FITS tubing for fixed hook 
  • Balanced modern swimmer 
  • Beautiful drop form 
  • Synthetic jungle cock

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