Flexo Crab Olive – Weedless



A crab pattern that can be employed to catch permit as well as bonefish, triggerfish, bluefin trevally and even bumphead parrotfish. Crabs are almost impossible to imitate with any real degree of subtlety, but this fly uses a left-field approach. Throw it into the salty water and you’ll see what we mean ‚Äì the fly is almost perfectly camouflaged, as the seabed shows right through it. We’ve read that permit and other tough cookies like big, spooky bonefish and bluefin trevally fall regularly for this fly because they lose sight of it and then, when they do see it, they fear that it will disappear again, and rush into eating it. Believe me, it is deadly. We offer them in a variety of sizes and shades, all tied on the unbeatable Tiemco 811s which is more than capable of landing any of the above, although, if it is the Triggers you are after, take spares as they will munch through just about anything given enough time.

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