RIO Leviathan Fly Line


RIO’s Leviathan line is built for big fish.  Designed to load powerful bluewater rods quickly. They are built on a very strong Powerflex core (60lb to 75lb) to tackle the behemoths you might encouter such as tuna, trevally, billfish, dorado and other bluewater species.  The heavy head of each line is designed to load powerful bluewater rods quickly while the aggressive front taper casts ultra large fish with ease. The fly line can be cut from the back end to 60 ft to increase the backing capacity of reels and decrease the drag through the water. Ultra strong cores for the largest tropical species Short, heavy head to load powerful blue water rods Powerful front taper to cast large flies with ease Tropical core with a hard, saltwater coating Models Available Intermediate – Clear/Trans Green 500gr Sink Tip 26′ – Black/Yellow 500gr Sink Tip 26′ – Grey/Orange 600gr


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