Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon Tippet


Grand Max is slightly softer than Riverge and has a higher breaking strain for diameter. It has been extensively tested and, using standard knots, found to knot easily and be entirely dependable. Grand Max should always be used where fish are particularly shy. The Grand Max range has been increased to include sizes suitable for heavy salmon and saltwater game fish where it has proved remarkably successful. Breaking Strain Diameter Length 6lb 0.160mm 30 yards 7.5lb 0.185mm 30/100 yards 9.5lb 0.210mm 30/100 yards 12.5lb 0.240mm 30/100 yards 14.5lb 0.260mm 30/100 yards 16.5lb 0.285mm 30 yards 18lb 0.330mm 30 yards


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