Airflo Rage Compact Shooting Head


This line will suit anyone from beginners to seasoned pro’s. The Airflo Rage Compact Shooting head has an aggressive front taper for turning over heavy flies and polyleaders in to a strong wind with ease. The rear taper helps load quickly, giving you incredible control in tight casting conditions. The front loop has the line size printed on it for easy recognition.  As with all Airflo Tactical Shooting heads, this line is built on low stretch, low memory braided Power Core. Sink Rate : Float- Pale Mint                   Hover/Intermediate- Grey/Trans Blue Size Grams Line Weight (Recommended) 480 31.1 7/8 510 33.0 8/9 540 35.0 8/9 570 36.9 9/10 600 38.8 9/10 660 42.8 10/11


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