Roman Moser Braided Loops


Roman Moser Minicon Braided Loops are the highest quality, slimmest connection loops for fly lines made from a double wall of braid. Trout Loops 5 per pack RMM1 *Very short, therefore less water absorbtion. *No more sinking of the line tip. *Already opened braided tube. *Double walled. *Higher breaking strength. *No loosening of the lop possible. *Undisturbed power transmission to the leader. *Rubber sleeve can be easily pushed up the braided tube. Salmon Loops 3 per pack RMM2 *Higher breaking strength. *The minicon must be kept in place with waterproof superglue. *Fix a minicon loop to the rear end of the fly line to make connecting fly line to backing much easier. Jumbo Loops 3 per pack RMM3 *Very strong connection loops. *Very large inner diameter for shooting head Brand: Roman Moser


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