Hatch Premium Braided Backing


At Hatch, we’ve created a backing material that has the touch and feel of Dacron combined with the strength and diameter of Gel Spun in a single 8 braid PE line for use in all fly fishing applications. Why only one size backing? You’ll see that the diameter of Hatch backing is equal to or less than our competitors’ products.  Now look at the lb/kg ratings.  You’ll notice right away that our material is stronger than everyone else’s.  The diameter of the line determines how much backing builds up on the arbor of a reel, not the pound rating.  So, a single diameter line can be used effectively in all fly-fishing applications – fresh or saltwater. Colour: White – We have decided to stock white as we have found that small fish with sharp teeth often take a liking too colourful backing which can result in a lost fly line and more importantly a lost fish!


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