Orange Head Mary


Designed to take the guesswork out of fly fishing. This Klink N’ Dink selection features a range of tried and tested nymph and dry fly patterns that are perfect for fishing the ‘klink n’ dink’ technique.

275212 – SR Klink Duo Special B/L S12
275214 – SR Klink Duo Special B/L S12
275416 – SR Orange Head Mary S16
287516 – Olive Quill Nymph B/L S16
JK10014 – T/Head Emerger H/Ear S14
PP16814 – PP Biot Olive S14

Buy one ‘grab a pack’ selections for £5.99 or two for £10 when you enter the promotion code GRAB at checkout. If you do not enter the code, the discount will not be applied and cannot be applied retrospectively.


Featuring a bright orange Tungsten Bead at the head as an attractor and to help get the fly right down to the feeding fish quickly. Barbless


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