Not Your Average Popper, The NYAP, is a very effective GT fly designed by James Christmas, a guide in the Seychelles. The fly causes large amounts of the disturbance on the surface, which can draw GT’s in. 


Not your average popper. Designed by Fulling Mill consultant James Christmas who has been a guide on Alphonse Island in the Seychelles. The NYAP is a must have in your fly box. This simple foam pattern has accounted for some whopping GT’s, the world over. Made by affixing some basic foam onto a World Class hook, in this case it’s the Gamakatsu SL12, you can be sure to rely on it. Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap alternative unless you want to lose the fish of a lifetime. Top tip from our friends at Fin Chaser Magazine, is to take a handful of these, as one hit from a GT will often destroy the foam body leaving you needing a few in reserve.


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