RIO Midge Tip Fly Line


THE PERFECT LINE for Buzzer fishing • Powerful, front loaded head for easy casting and maximum distance• Perfect for fishing in the top layers of the water column• The short MidgeTip section anchors the line for maximum fly control and contact One of the top fish-catching fly lines in the lake fishing world and frequent winner of national and international competitions. The MidgeTip is a floating line with a 39 inch (1 m) clear AquaLux intermediate sinking tip – perfect for fishing nymphs, emergers and chironomids (buzzers) in the top 12 inches (30 cms) of the water column, shallow shorelines, sub-surface on windy days and over the top of weed beds. RIO has incorporated the unique XS Technology into the coating, resulting in a far slicker line for more distance. A must-have line for lake anglers everywhere, it includes one of RIO’s bullet proof welded loops on the front end for fast leader changes. Size Length 30′ Weight Head Length Colour WF7 – Float/Int 100.0 Ft 185 gr. 44.0 Ft Yellow/Clear WF8 – Float/Int 100.0 Ft 210 gr. 44.0 Ft Yellow/Clear


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