RIO Freshwater Powerflex Tippet


Best-Selling Tippet used by many of the World’s best Anglers. A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength. PTFE coated for added abrasion resistance, stretch (26% elongation) and suppleness. Used for all species, the light grey provides superb camouflage in any sub-aquatic environment. Powerflex has the perfect combination of elongation and tenacity, and we will match it against any competing brand, any time.   Breaking Strain (lb) Breaking Strain (kg) Diameter ” Diameter mm 4X 6.4lb 2.9kg 0.007″ 0.178mm 5X 5lb 2.3kg 0.006″ 0.152mm 6X 3.4lb 1.5kg 0.005″ 0.127mm


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