RIO Freshwater Fluoroflex Tippet


Refinement of a classic! Ideal for still water and competition use and in heavier sizes this is exceptional for Salmon and migratory fish. Fluoroflex has been acclaimed throughout the world and has a great reputation for reliability. Highly abrasion-resistant and slightly stiffer than Powerflex and Fluoroflex Plus; delivering the fly even in heavy wind. Available in a range of sizes to cover all UK fishing. 50 Yard Spools (except 20lb or 16lb which comes in 25 yard spools) Breaking Strain (lbs) Breaking Strain (Kg) Length Diameter ” Diameter mm 6lb 3.0kg 50 yards 0.008″ 0.203mm 8lb 4.0kg 50 yards 0.009″ 0.229mm 10lb 4.6kg 50 yards 0.010″ 0.254mm 12lb 6.0kg 50 yards 0.011″ 0.279mm 16lb 7.3kg 25 yards 0.013″ 0.330mm 20lb 9.0kg 25 yards 0.015″ 0.381mm 


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