RIO Spey VersiLeader


Rio’s spey versileaders are Rio’s own sink tips designed for the spey angler, with strong nylon cores in excess of 25 lbs and a range of different sinking (and floating) densities. They are a great addition to Spey lines and Scandinavian style heads and provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options. A Strong, nylon core in excess of 25 lbs • A complete range of floating and sinking densities• Slim, neat welded loop in the butt for quick rigging The Kit contains one each of the 10’ VersiLeaders (6 in total) and comes in a RIO leader Wallet. IDEAL FOR:Scandi/AFS Lines #9 and higherSpey Lines #8 and higherLight Skagit Lines Length Sink Rate Colour 10 ft. Float Olive 10 ft. 1.5 ips Clear/Clear Loop 10 ft. 3 ips Brown/Green Loop 10 ft. 4 ips Blue/Red Loop 10 ft. 5ips Black/Blue Loop 10 ft. 7 ips Black/Black Loop 10 ft. Set of 6 in wallet


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