Guideline NT11 Trout Series Fly Rod


NT11 fly rods are the result of taking advantage of the very latest and most sophisticated SOA (State of Art) graphite materials used in the aerospace industry today.

When applied to and used in flyrods, some remarkable benefits are achieved. The most evident effect being an amazing recovery power and crispness in the blanks, created by combining the incredible armoring and strength increasing effects of T1100 Ggraphite with layers of the highest modulus graphite we’ve ever used in any flyrods to date. For you as an angler, the above properties are built into a series of rods that have the lowest blank weight, yet the highest break strain of any other rod in our line up and probably also on the entire flyrod market.

NT11 Trout fly rods are made to be superb all-round fishing rods for fly casters at all levels. By treating yourself to an NT11 technology rod you should expect nothing less than a high-end experience. NT11 Trout rods features a top modern crisp and powerful mid-flex action with unmatched recovery speed. The feeling is light and nice in tip section, still rigid enough to be precise and push the load further down the blank to make them extremely stabile & agile. These rods gradually work as you load them with a distinct lower section that delivers a remarkable kick. The action in these rods is highly progressive and suits casters at all levels, if you give them a hard time, they just work harder! These rods are super light with great sensitivity, the 9ft #5 weigh in at just 71grams!


NT11 #4 9′ – 4 pcs 

The 4wt is a super versatile dry-fly rod that manages all size of tippets and different kinds of waters. The action is very smooth and second to none in handling big trout on fine leaders. When casting you will feel every part of the rod coming alive when you add more load to it. The rod has a 3/4 deep flex but is rigid enough to make it a dream to cast for anglers at all levels. The NT11 904 tolerates quick changes in tempo and the unique blend of materials makes it very stable and crisp.

NT11 #5 9′ – 4 pcs

This 5wt is just as a great all-round 5wt should be, with focus on normal size flies/tippets a perfect tool for both dries, nymphs and smaller streamers. The 5wt has a little more rigid lower section and feels more like a mid-flex rod compared to the 4wt, properties needed to handle bigger fish, and a wider selection of flies and fishing techniques. Pinpoint accuracy, nice and crisp action with great sensitivity in tip section for fishing on short and medium distance, power and backbone to be flawless on distance.

NT11 #6 9′ – 4 pcs 

This rod is made to excel during the more demanding weather conditions, larger flies and bigger fish. The flex in the rod is shorter and even faster recovery. To match the usage of this rod we have fitted it with a delicate full-wells grip and fighting butt.


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