Guideline NT11 Salmon & Seatrout Series Fly Rod


NT11 fly rods are the result of taking advantage of the very latest and most sophisticated SOA (State of Art) graphite materials used in the aerospace industry today.


When applied to and used in flyrods, some remarkable benefits are achieved. The most evident effect being an amazing recovery power and crispness in the blanks, created by combining the incredible armoring and strength increasing effects of T1100G graphite with layers of the highest modulus graphite we’ve ever used in any flyrods to date. For you as an angler, the above properties are built into a series of rods that have the lowest blank weight, yet the highest break strain of any other rod in our line up and probably also on the entire flyrod market.


You’ll find these rods to be easy to operate with their full flex medium/fast action and tips that are rigid but still sensitive enough to make them lively and fun to cast without having to focus on perfect casting stroke timing all the time. They load deeper and generate increasing amounts of power and line speed when you ask for it. While still maintaining impressive lifting power for sinking lines, this deeper, yet fast type of action will work for a wide range of casts, lines and casting styles. After many years of building premium, lightweight and strong 6-piece flyrods and knowing that no sacrifices are made in performance, strength, weight or balance, we find it only natural that this new range of rods also is multi-piece and transportable in your luggage when travelling. We have worked hard and deliberately to keep the value of these rods maximized without sacrificing quality in workmanship or components.


Identified by the comfortable medium/fast full flex, these three rods behave very well with overhead as well as Scandi- and Skagit-style casting. Designed mainly for shooting head type fishing but will also work well with shorter head WF lines, such as ULS and Bullet.

10’ #6 14-16 gr/215-245 grains

A rod for Trout, Sea Trout and Salmon in smaller rivers and with small to medium sized flies. It works absolutely beautiful with our ULS system of lines in the #6/7 line-weights (16gr) and matched with the ULS 6/7 Multi Tip WF line, you have a great set-up for the purpose. It also handles the 3D Compact Heads in 17gram weight very well, but this is right on the upper limits of the rod, especially when paired with a larger tube or streamer.

10’ #7 17-19 gr/260-290 grains

Probably the best performing 10’ #7 rod we’ve ever created! Comfortable with larger rivers and longer distance casting than the above version. It also manages wind and bigger flies with ease. Loves a 4D Compact Multi Tip #7/8 SH 19g and also casts super with the 3D Compact 17gr and 19gr Heads in various densities. For the angler that wants an integrated shooting line, the ULS WF Multi Tip in #7/8 (18gr) will be a great choice.

10’ #8 19-21 gr/290-220 grains

Will never let you down! The ultimate big fish rod for single hand salmon and big sea trout. The power this rod unleashes must be experienced to be understood. Light in the hand, yet with unlimited resources both when casting and fighting large fish. It is optimized to work together with our 4D and 3D Compact Series of lines in the 19- to 21 grams window but will manage a 23 grams line for those who prefer water-born Skagit type casting style work.

  • T1100 CAP Technology gives uncompromised strength, performance and reliability.
  • Every rod is fitted with beautiful FLOR-grade cork and on rear grips and fighting butts you’ll find powder cork reinforcement. FLOR is the top grade of cork with the highest density and strength that will stand years of usage and remain pretty.
  • Titanium lightweight framed stripping guides. Highest quality stainless steel single leg running guides with titanium coating.
  • The reel seats are custom designed by our own R&D team, having a hard anodized and very scratch resistant semi-matte finish.
  • The blanks have a matte satin finish with deep carbon grey coating that gives the rods a stealthy, classy and non-flashy look.
  • All guides are wrapped with dark grey thread and on all ferrules, stripper guides and logo areas they are finished with subtle blue trim wraps.
  • Each rod is delivered with a light and strong rod bag made from 4-ways stretch nylon and rod tubes are made from light polycarbonate with a strong polyester fabric cover and a natural leather logo patch.
  • 25-YEAR ORIGINAL OWNER WARRANTY. The NT11 fly rods comes with a 25-year original owner warranty. This warranty covers faults in material and/or workmanship. During the warranty period (from the date of purchase) you will be entitled to the repair or replacement (at our discretion) of damaged or defective sections of your rod. If the rod model is discontinued and/or we are unable to repair or replace a rod section, we will replace your rod with a comparable rod model (at our discretion).


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