Mackenzie NX1 Atlas Double Handed Travel Rod


The new 6 piece Mackenzie NX1 Atlas range is the ideal fly rod for storage and travelling. It’s compact nature means the rod can be taken on a flight even as hand luggage. As with all Mackenzie products these new rods have been fully tested in some of the world’s most demanding and challenging fishing locations and excelled at all times.


Moving on from their award-winning designs the team at Mackenzie are very excited about this new range of 6 piece Nano tube technology rods. The new NXI Atlas rods load slightly further down the blank than the other NX1 models but they still retain a fast recover giving you the perfect action for casting both traditional Spey lines and the full assortment of modern-day shooting heads and Skagit fly lines.

11’4 NX1 Atlas (switch) #8

Switch rods have taken a great leap in popularity in recent years with many anglers adopting lighter tackle for various forms of fishing techniques. The versatility and fun of modern switch rods has been the main draw in the increase in popularity.

Switch rods can be used in many situations where the bigger rods may not be appropriate, salmon fishing in low water conditions, small spate rivers as well as sea trout fishing. The Switch rod perfectly forms the transition between the single hander and the double handed salmon rods.

The new Mackenzie NX1 Switch rod are of course crafted to the same high spec as the double handed rods and are also constructed using the same technology as the Mackenzie NX1 range. This rod went through comprehensive development and testing to create the perfect combination of flex and recovery giving a perfectly designed taper which generates speed for precise and accurate casting.

12’7 NX1 Atlas #8

Shorter double handed rods like this are becoming increasingly popular, making rods of this style the go to rod for fishing salmon in medium to small sized rivers around the world. This is also a very popular rod for fishing for large sea trout and steelheads. Like its big brother the 13’7 Atlas, it has a fairly deep progressive action but importantly retaining a fast recovery.

  • Rod weight – 229 grams
  • 6 piece / Section length 68cm
  • Tube length 74.5cm
  • Line weights • G3 Spey line 50ft headed 8/9 weight • Phased Density 5 Shooting heads 38g • Skagit 550 grain

13’7 NX1 Atlas #9

Mackenzie have now taken the very popular original 6 piece Atlas range of rods and re produced them using our new NX1 technology. This size of rod has become very popular and one of our best sellers. Its a good all rounder and is perfect for fishing right across the world for salmon, sea trout and steelheads in both medium and large systems. It has a fairly deep progressive action with a fast recovery, giving you a rod that has a beautiful casting action, but importantly a reserve of power if needed.

  • Rod weight – 260 grams
  • 6 piece / Section length 73.5cm
  • Tube length 79.5cm
  • Line weights • G3 Spey line 55ft headed 9/10 • Phased Density 5 Shooting heads 42g • Skagit 650

14’9 NX1 Atlas #10

This rod is ideal for fishing some of the medium to large sized rivers around the world. It retains a medium action but like the FX1 technology the speed of the blank recovery has been increased, creating a rod which is well balanced, flexes well down the blank, and importantly produces a fast recovery.

  • Rod weight – 300 grams
  • 6 piece / Section length 79.5cm
  • Tube length 85.5cm
  • Line weight • G3 Spey lines 55ft & 65ft headed 10/11 • Phased Density 5 Shooting heads 44g • Skagit 720 grain

Key Features

  • Ultra-light weight, satin green blanks
  • Reinforced composite cork on each handle end
  • Fuji stripper guides and quality snake rings
  • Alignment dots on each section
  • Quality down locking reel seat
  • 6-piece for easy transportation
  • Protective triangular rod tube


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