Airflo Wavehopper Inflatable Fly Vest


The Wavehopper inflatable life vest is a superbly designed practical buoyancy device priced within reach of every angler. So, whether wading large salmon rivers or boat fishing on a reservoir the Wavehopper gives you the peace of mind and functionality never before available at this price. Tailored for maximum comfort, you’ll never know your wearing a life jacket until the day you need it. Put through the toughest testing procedures for over 2 years the Wavehopper has been fully approved to meet the latest ISO12402/5 standards and comes with 120 NEWTON internal bladder. Every year we here reports of anglers drowning ­ DON’T BECOME ONE OF THESE STATISTICS! Note: The Wavehopper life vest MUST be worn outside all other garments and is tailored this way, failure to do this may result in injury when activated. Sizes- M,L,XL, XXL Auto Re-arming kit available


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