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Introducing the Fario Adjusta Bung: Crafted with a perfectly formed aerodynamic shape, it’s the lightest bung available for its size. Ensuring seamless casting and minimal disturbance on the water’s surface.

What sets the Adjusta Bung apart is its unique adjustable design. Say goodbye to frustrating moments of bung slippage—our innovative design guarantees a secure fit that won’t slip off your leader. 

For added convenience and versatility, we include extra stopper beads with each Adjusta Bung. Whether you’re seeking added security or working with finer diameters of leader material, these beads offer enhanced stability and confidence in your setup.

Adaptability is key in the ever-changing conditions of fly fishing. That’s why the Fario Adjusta Bung features a reversible colour design, allowing you to optimise visibility based on light conditions. Whether you’re casting under the bright sun or in low-light situations, our bung ensures maximum visibility and control.

As featured by Fly Fishing legend Hywel Morgan!

Small Size – lightweight or single buzzer. 

Medium Size – small bugs, mitt flies, worms, beaded blobs and small eggs etc.

Large Size – larger heavy lures, weighted eggs, tungsten flies and multiple beaded flies.

For a video of how to use them click here.

If you have inquisitive fish at your Fario Adjusta bung don’t forget to try the original Competition legal Fario Bung. 

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