Dragon Tippet Sink


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Introducing the Dragon Tippet Sinker Mud, a high-quality product designed to help anglers achieve their desired fishing depth quickly and effectively. This specially formulated mud is a dense sinking agent that is designed to quickly sink tippet materials, providing anglers with greater control over their fishing presentation.

The Dragon Tippet Sinker Mud is easy to apply and won’t leave any sticky residue on the user’s hands or gear. Take a small amount of the mud and apply it to the tippet material once the fly is tied on. The mud will remove any grease or dirt that would prevent your tippet from quickly sinking, ensuring that the fly sinks to the desired depth quickly and naturally.

Whether an angler targets trout, salmon, or any other species, the Dragon Tippet Sinker Mud is an essential accessory.

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