Pioneros Lime/Navy/Grey Stripe Polo Belt


Traditional handmade brown bridle leather Polo belt, with brass-style buckle. 35mm wide.

Pioneros signature Polo Belts are a colourful must-have to wear with jeans, chinos, polo whites, in fact almost anything!  Appealing to men and women, this belt collection has styles to suit everyone.

Pioneros was established in 2003 by British and Argentinian cousins, Robin & Fiona and Alejandro & Sandra. Their family connections with Argentina dates back to before 1745, in the Spanish colonial days, long before Argentina gained independence. Pioneros use traditional/artisan techniques with local craftsmen making every product by hand using the fine quality leathers for which Argentina is renowned.



Size Guide:

Belt Size Men’s Waist Size
80cm|31” 30
85cm|34” 32
90cm|36” 34
95cm|38” 36
100cm|40” 38
105cm|42” 40
110cm|44” 42
115cm|46” 44


Belt Size Ladies Trouser Size
80cm|32” 8
85cm|34” 10
90cm|36” 12
95cm|38” 14
100cm|40” 16
105cm|42” 18
110cm|44” 20
115cm|46” 22


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