Airflo Rage Tri Tip Fly Line



Our Rage Compact salmon heads have been a monumental success with two handed fishers. One line we have been asked for above any other is an integrated Rage line with no loop to loop connections between running line and the head – Enter the Rage Tri Tip with 3 density tips to cover a multitude of fishing conditions. Rage Tri Tip Includes all-in-one Rage WF line and 3 x 12ft density tips with bullet proof welded loops. (Tips include – Floating, Fast Intermediate and Sink 3)
RS-RAGE-TRI-7/8 – 3x12ft tips – (27ft head + 12ft tip) – 34g/525gr Inc Tip.
RS-RAGE-TRI-8/9 – 3x12ft tips – (28ft head + 12ft tip) – 38g/586gr Inc Tip.
RS-RAGE-TRI-9/10 – 3x12ft tips – (29ft head + 12ft tip) – 42g/648gr Inc Tip.
RS-RAGE-TRI-10/11 – 3x12ft tips – (31ft head + 12ft tip) – 44g/679gr Inc Tip.

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