New Brand: Laksen Sporting

Laksen Sporting

We are delighted to announce we have added a new shooting brand to our range – Laksen Sporting. As with all the brands we stock there are 3 main factors we consider when choosing a new partner; the quality of their products, the functionality of the products and does the brand align with our company ethos. As soon as we discovered Laksen sporting, we knew it was a good fit for Fin and Game.

Laksen began their journey in Denmark in 1977 with a small in-house production of quality clothing for hunting and fly fishing and handmade fishing rods. Since then, they have grown their business to provide traditional country clothing, encompassed in heritage whilst being at the forefront of technical ability. Our Laksen range includes country clothing attire for both men and women including knitwear, shirts and gilets as well as technical, high performance shooting jackets, breeks and waistcoats.

“Tradition & Technology Perfected”

For over the last 20 years Laksen has worked closely with Lovat Mill in Hawick, Scotland to continue to design authentic tweeds which perform in any relevant sporting activity. Only a few miles down the road from our Kelso store, Lovat Mill has over 200 years’ experience in producing the finest tweeds and Laksen are very proud to work closely with them to incorporate this into all their designs. All of Laksen’s current tweeds are waterproof, breathable and stain resistant without compromising on the hard-wearing quality, tweed has offered for centuries.

The Functionality

Laksen Sporting are extremely passionate about our beloved sport! From CEO, designers and sales team, they all have a love for shooting, hunting or stalking, meaning you can swap stories of heroic days in the field with them anytime (how our first 2 sales meetings went)! Not only does this mean all their ranges are designed to be put under pressure in the field, they are also carefully thought through to accommodate the shooters or hunters needs and demands on their equipment.

The Quality

Laksen have put a lot of time and effort into their technologies, ensuring all their clothing is of a high quality and built to last through the tough terrain and conditions that come with shooting, hunting and stalking.

Laksen’s Signature Fabric – VentguardTM
For over 20 years, Ventguard fabric has been Laksens signature fabric. The special construction of the polyester/nylon lightweight fabric provides extreme durability and tear resistance. The DWR coating provides genuine water repellency, and a special finish treatment gives you a butter-soft surface, as close to noiseless as possible; a true performance fabric, developed for hunting.

The CTXTM Membrane
The CTX membrane was designed specifically for use on shooting and hunting clothing. Translating to Comfort, Technology and Xtreme, the membranes is completely watertight whilst still allowing the body to breathe. This makes the CTX membrane the most comfortable weather protection available regardless of the climate conditions.

The CTXTM Waterstop System
One of the last remaining problems with waterproof textiles is when the clothes become wet outside, water accumulates at the bottom of the jacket and trouser leg. Subsequently the water permeates up into the lining of the garment and underlying clothing where it cannot escape through the membrane. Laksen have resolved this issue in a simple manner: a water-repellent and waterproof barrier has been placed at the bottom of the jackets and trouser legs so the water cannot permeate up into the lining.

The CTX-AIR membrane blocks wind from penetrating the person’s clothes and keeps the body warm. Furthermore, it is silent, up to 50% lighter than other membranes and highly flexible allowing the body to move freely.

The Ethos

One of the reasons Laksen manufacture most of their clothing in Europe is to reduce their carbon footprint. Something they are very passionate about and striving to reduce even further. As a partner of 1% for the planet we are extremely passionate about working with brands who are working towards this same goal. CEO, Lars Thomsen, comments:

“Whether we hunt or shoot, we live our passion in the nature, and therefore we also live from our nature. If not us as sports men and women, who else should lead the way in protecting our environment and nature – and thereby ultimately our passion?”

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