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  • Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel

Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel


Product Description

Einarsson Fly Fishing is proud to present to the fly fishing world a new and unique technical revelation which has the ability to store the fish-generated energy experienced whilst fighting the fish within the reel system. For the first time ever, brake start-up friction is zero. The Einarsson drag system smoothly levels out shockwaves experienced by the brake during both the take, and during the fight such the long screaming runs and jumping and head shaking of the fish.
This patented invention – the first significant breakthrough in brake innovation in decades - allows you to experience a more rewarding fishing experience through less snapped leaders and more landed fish. Simply put, Einarsson's new patented SAB (Shock Absorbing Brake) drag system offers you the smoothest brake system you have ever experienced.

The technical revelation ‘Einarsson Fly Fishing’ is presenting to the fly fishing world has the ability to store part of the fish-generated energy in the reel system - for the first time ever brake away friction is actually zero. Shock tippet is now actually built in to the reel. The new brake system ensures that the transition in the brake system is softer compared to leading brands in the reel market. The system will level out shockwaves during a take or fight, such as those from jumping and head shaking of the fish. This invention allows you to experience more pleasure, through the use of lighter tackle, less snapped leaders and surely more landed fish.

  •  The design of the mainframe and spool is sturdy. The Invictus was not supposed to be the lightest reel on the market, it was supposed to be among the strongest.
  • Made of Aircraft grade 6061 T651 aluminium. All our Invictus reels are engineered and assembled at our factory in Iceland. By monitoring the entire process we uphold our standard of the ‘highest quality’.
  • The Invictus SAB drag is built on the experience from our Plus reels, and the Invictus drag is made to be the smoothest available. To be able to play your fish with the most softness, care and delicate never experienced on a fly reel before. And the most important, help you to land more fish.
  • All Invictus reels are Type III Hard Anodized. The reason is simple; we know that Type III is the ultimate coating for an outdoor product. Unlike the Type II anodizing used on 99% of all reels made, Type III can be applied to an extreme thickness with a bullet hard coating. All our reels are anodized in one of the most advanced anodizing company in Northern Europe. 

Invictus #8
A larger spool and cage give the backing capacity suitable for heavier single handed rods,switch rods and lighter double handed rods. Target species for this model include both Salmon and Steelhead, or saltwater species such as trophy Bonefish, trophy Striped Bass, Permit and baby Tarpon. 

Invictus #10
This fantastic reel is built for the big double handed rods up to 15 feet when fishing for trophy Salmon in fast and wild waters. This reel, with its large arbour and backing capacity has a truly awesome drag that will give you the edge in landing big Atlantic salmon, Steelhead and Kings Salmon. The Invictus #10 can also be used on heavier single-handed saltwater rods, fishing for Tarpon and Giant Trevally. 

Invictus Reels Rod Weight Weight Frame Size Capacity
Invictus #8 8-10 296 grams 104 x 32 x 54 mm WF8 + 150m of 30lb Backing
Invictus #10 10-12 354 grams 114 x 36 x 62 mm  WF10 + 230m of 30lb Backing 

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