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Fin and Game's verdict on the Sealskinz Shooting Glove

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The Sealskinz Shooting Glove

At Fin and Game we hand pick every brand that we work with to ensure we are delivering our customers the best equipment for out in the field. We build close relationships with our suppliers and work together to choose products which we then try and test in our sport.

The latest supplier to join forces with Fin and Game is Sealskinz. Although we have been supplying this brand for a while now we are very excited to see more specific shooting products coming through the lines. And with the glorious 12th looming we thought the Sealskinz Shooting Glove was the perfect product to put to the test. So here is our verdict:


What we like about the Sealskinz Shooting Glove:

100% Waterproof, windproof and breathable

A waterproof shooting glove in Britain is a must and Sealskinz have such confidence in their product that it comes with a 2-year waterproof guarantee. There is nothing worse than your kit letting you down on a shoot day but we have confidence that your hands will stay warm and dry in these gloves, meaning you can focus on your technique.

Precision Control – Magnetic fold-back trigger cover

This is what makes this glove particularly special for a shooter. Still keeping your hands warm but allowing contact with the trigger allows you to feel natural with the gun in your hand as well as setting you up for a more accurate shot.

Moisture control with Coolmax

Coolmax is a lightweight performance fibre which keeps you cool, dry and comfortable for longer. Uniquely shaped fibres absorb moisture away from the surface of the skin, which spread within the fibres to enhance the evaporative drying rate, reducing the sensation of wet fabric sticking to the body. Another aspect of this glove which ensures you have a comfortable shoot day.

Somethings to consider about the Sealskinz Glove:

Although we are singing the Sealskinz shooting gloves praises in this review it does come with a higher price tag than some of the other Sealskinz product. However, this does reflect the quality of the glove which is designed to last you past one season.

If you are looking for a shooting glove with a lower price tag, the Sealskinz Solo Shooting Glove is for you! It also provides excellent grip for precise control in all shooting disciplines.

We would also recommend ordering a size up on this glove as it can be quite tight on the hand otherwise.