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Eat What You Shoot: Roe Venison with Goats Cheese Croquettes & Roasted Beets

Posted by Richard Sim (The Potted Lobster) on

If like me the fishing has been slow and as we are not keeping the beautiful silver springers any way what is there to eat?

Late April/May is the duffers month for roe stalking. We are treated to nice warm mornings and early evenings. With the Roe Bucks pre occupied with holding territory, it’s a good time for duffers like me to bag a buck.

I’m not a keen stalker. 5/6 times a year is about my lot but I’m very lucky that my great pal Davey Lee does some accompanied stalking here in Northumberland so he does all the hard work and I just rock up and take the glory.

With all field sports, kit is key. You don’t need a lot but decent boots and a light camo jacket and hat should do. However, one piece of essential kit is binoculars. I couldn’t justify a top-class pair at £2000 for only stalking 5/6 times a year so Tom at Fin & Game fixed me up with a pair for a third of the price. I am delighted with them – they are excellent value and are nearly as good!

So get out there before the cover gets up and the midges come out. And once you have bagged your buck here is a delicious and easy recipe to ensure your kill doesn’t go to waste.

Richard Sim - Head Chef at The Potted Lobster 

Roe Venison with Goats Cheese Croquettes & Roasted Beets

Roe Venison with Goats Cheese Croquettes & Roasted Beets

Ingredients for 4:

1 back fillet of roe venison
4 golden beetroot
125g goats cheese
125g mashed potatoes
50g plain flour
1 egg
100g Japanese bread crumbs
50 ml milk
1/2 bottle red wine
1pt beef stock
2 tablespoons red currant jelly

Goats Cheese Croquettes:
Mix goats cheese and mash and form into croquet roll in flour egg and milk and then bread crumb leave in fridge to set. Just before you are ready to serve fry the croquettes.

Reduce stock red wine and red currant jelly by 2/3rds


Wrap beets in tin foil and bake until soft

Skin then slice


Remove all silver sinew of venison the pan fry till pink in butter add beets towards the end

Assemble as shown in the picture

This is a really good, simple dinner party dish as all the work can be done well in advance, leaving you just to fry everything off, bring the sauce to the boil and serve. I know goats’ cheese and venison sounds strange but try it - you’ll be impressed. 

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