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Fin and Game's Early Season Fly Fishing Tips

Posted by Tom Leslie on

Planning on fishing on the River Tweed this year? We asked Head Boatman of Upper Floors, Johnathan Mackereth, for some tips on the best equipment for fishing in the early season.

Early Season Tips - PT.1 - Lines

In the early spring you usually have bigger and colder waters so you need something which is going to carry a heavy fly such as a dual density line.

A lot of people usually buy their lines around Christmas time but it is sometimes better to hold off until you are actually planning on fishing, check out the water levels and conditions and then nip into your local tackle shop to get something suitable – especially nowadays when the conditions are so unpredictable.

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Early Season Tips - PT.2 - Flies

Some suggestions from Johnathan for early season flies include Black and YellowsJunction Shrimps and Coneheads but in the early season fly choice isn’t as critical as line choice.

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Early Season Tips - PT.3 - Rods

A lot of people are now using shooting heads to get a better anchor with a shorter rod - ideally 13'6 - 14'6 rods. 

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Final bit of advice – make sure you keep warm and have a good layering system with thermals. It makes a big difference to your day! 

Our Early Season Tips Video series was produced by SLOTS MEDIA

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