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How to successfully Dry Fly in different Water and Weather Conditions

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Now that the weather has warmed up and the evenings are getting longer, insect activity has increased to hatches through the day and into the evenings giving the dry fly fisher a great opportunity to catch some good-sized trout. The low water flows that we have just now are making dry fly fishing quite challenging as the trout are easily spooked by poor presentation. Most of my dry fly fishing is done with a 9ft rod in either #4, #3 or #2 weights. The light line rods allow the use of lighter tippets with fewer breakages.

Time for long and finer leaders

With the tricky conditions I find it best to go longer and finer with my leaders. My preferred leader is a Trouthunter nylon, 14ft 4x tapered leader with a Riverege Trout Leader Ring The ring allows me to add tippet without effecting the tapered leader. From the Tippet ring I can then tailor the diameter and length of tippet I add to allow me to get the best presentation for the conditions I am faced with.

Dry Fly Fishing in Low Water Conditions

If the water is low and clear then I use 8ft of 0.10 mm (2lb) or 0.08mm (1.25lb) nylon, this allows for the use of small flies and very delicate presentation, the use of a nylon/Co-polymer tippet has the advantage of added stretch over other materials. I find the extra stretch also helps to protect the tippet from breaking and used with a lighter #3 or #2 rod, it is amazing how large a fish you can land on such light tackle.

Dry Fly Fishing in Windy Days and Evening Fishing

On days when the wind is blowing, then I shorten my tippet to around 6ft and use 0.12mm (3lb), I find that the shorter leader turns over better and the fish don’t seem to mind the thicker tippet material, I can still use small flies with this leader diameter.

Once the light begins to fade and it gets harder to see your fly, I will use a tippet of either 0.12mm (3lb) or 0.14mm (4.25lb) and shorten it down to 4ft long, the reason for this is it shortens the distance between my fly and fly line making it easier to pick up.

If you have any questions on Dry Fly Fishing or would like more information please feel free to contact us on 01573 224066.

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