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Eat What You Shoot: Pheasant Popcorn

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Pheasant Popcorn - Courtesy of The Potted Lobster ...

Our first recipe is inspired by watching Tom shoot pheasants. I must say he is probably the best shot I’ve ever seen on average to low pheasant!!!! This recipe is a good way of using grade B pheasants.

Pheasant Popcorn 

2 pheasant breasts
50g cornflour
75g panko bread crumbs
10g chilli flakes
Butter milk or sour cream

3 table spoons mango chutney
3 table spoons soy ketchup
3 table spoons sweet chilli sauce

Dice pheasant breasts into 2cm dice, cover with butter milk and leave for 24 hrs in fridge
(this tenderises the pheasant).

Mix corn flour, salt and chilli flakes in a bowl add pheasant and shake until dice are coated in crumb.

Place into deep fat fryer (air fryer works well to) at 180c until crisp and golden shake season and serve.

Combine soy, chilli sauce and chutney to serve as a dip.

Hope you enjoy!

Richard Sim

(Head Chef at The Potted Lobster) 

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