3 Of The Top Saltwater Destinations That Should Be On Your Bucket List: No. 2 – The Seychelles


About Saltwater Fishing In The Seychelles

The Seychelles is seen as the ultimate saltwater fly fishing destination. The flats offer an incredible number of fish and numerous species that can be targeted on the fly. It is a unique fishing destination thanks to its remoteness, stunning scenery and the sheer diversity of species.

Bonefish and the incredibly powerful Giant Trevally are the main attractions and can be caught in great numbers. There are several other species to target including Bumphead Parrotfish, Milkfish, Permit, Triggerfish and various other deep sea and reef species. Each offering its own unique challenge and will test your tackle to breaking point.

These atolls are lightly fished and limit their season to a few months through our winter. This helps to preserve the ecosystem. Slots are normally in high demand so it is best to plan ahead.

Unlike other destinations, the Seychelles isn’t easily accessible, with small charter planes being the only way to reach these pristine outer atolls. There are various degrees of accommodation from the live aboard boats at Providence to the 5-star accommodation on Alphonse Island.

A Sample Itinerary For Saltwater Fly Fishing In The Seychelles Created For You By Frontiers Travel:

Day 1Depart from Home City.Depart Home City. Frontiers can assist with flight planning. Emirates via Dubai or Etihad via Abu Dhabi or British Airways direct on some days are the current best options.
Day 2MaheArrive Mahe, Seychelles – VIP meet and greet services and transfer to your hotel. Overnight stay at hotel of your choice.
Day 3Check out of your hotel and transfer to the IDC terminal.Check-in at the IDC Hanger at the agreed time. On arrival in Alphonse you will be met by the Alphonse Island Fishing Co team and transferred to the resort. Remainder of the day at leisure with the opportunity for fishing around Alphonse Island itself. Dinner and overnight on Alphonse Island.
Days 4-9Alphonse IslandYou will have six full days of fishing/relaxing on Alphonse. The fishing day begins with a wake-up call and breakfast. You will then bicycle (or be assisted) down to the Fishing Centre to board the mothership St Francois to transfer to St Francois atoll. From the mothership, your guide will pick you up in their skiff and off you go fishing fort he day. Your guide will have a packed lunch for you which you can eat on the skiff or return to the mothership to enjoy. Guests generally return to the mothership about 4pm to return to Alphonse to shower and relax at the Le Lys bar before dinner and bed.
Day 10MaheYou will relax a little this morning and take the charter plane from Alphonse Island to Mahe at 12.30pm. This usually arrives at about 1.30pm. Transfer from the IDC Hanger to Seychelles International Airport if required but more likely, transfer to Eden Island for dinner before going back to airport. Relax in outdoor departure lounge before boarding your flight home this evening.
Day 11Fly to Home CityArrive Home today.

Essential Tackle For Fly Fishing In The Seychelles:

Simms Flats Sneakers – £119.00

A lot of the day is spent wading the flats searching for fish. The Simms Flats Sneakers will protect your feet from the rough coral as well as offering you ankle support meaning you can wade comfortably and confidently allowing you to focus on fishing.

Simms Flats Sneakers

Hatch 68lb Backing – £99.99 

Few destinations will have you into your backing as much as a week on the Seychelles. You don’t want it to fail on the fish of a life time. When fishing for GT’s you will need something stronger than usual not only for the power of the fish but the abrasion on the coral as your fish heads for the horizon. The white colour of the Hatch backing means that it is less appealing to small toothy fish that might take a bite of other colour backings.

Hatch 68lbs Backing

Seychelles Fly Selection – £280.00 

Like all destination, it is important to have the right flies. They Seychelles has such a variety of species that require specific flies. This selection has been put together, with the help of Seychelles guides, to give you all you need to catch the variety of species on offer. All the patterns are tied on the best hooks available to reduce the chance of hooks failing.

Seychelles Fly Selection

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack – £199.00  

This fully waterproof rucksack allows you to keep all your gear close to hand and more importantly dry. Fill it with spare lines, flies, waterproofs, cameras and anything else you want to keep dry. When wet wading this really is a must have.

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack

Shilton SR Series Fly Reel – £530.00 

 If your gear is going to break it will be found out in the Seychelles. Regular soakings in the salt water means it is not a very tackle friendly environment. The Shilton SR Series of fly reels have been designed with the saltwater angler in mind. Nicknamed the AK47 of fly reels due to their reliability. They have been pushed to the limit and reacted faultlessly. Unsurprisingly these are the reel that most Seychelles guides have faith in. Shiltons slogan is ‘we stop fish’ and once you have tamed a meter plus GT you will see why. 

Shilton SR Series Fly Reel

Pictures from Saltwater Fly Fishing in the Seychelles:

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