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Mikael Frodin's Low Water Tactics

Posted by Tom Leslie on

As the whole of the UK seems to be hit by a heat wave and no sign of rain in the short term, fishing conditions become difficult but not impossible. No salmon fisherman likes no water but sadly there is nothing we can do about it. Friend of Fin and Game, Mikael Frodin has fished more than most and knows a thing or two about catching salmon. In this video he shares his tactics for low water and proves that by changing our tactics we can still catch fish even in the hardest conditions if we are willing to try different things.

We stock the full range of Frodin Flies that are available online and in store. There is some sure fire winners for these current low water conditions.

Tight Lines


Tackling the Ponoi

The Ponoi river needs little introduction to the salmon fishing world. It is arguably the best Atlantic Salmon river in the world. Situated in the Tundra of Northern Russia, it is basically untouched by man. It has one of the longest seasons of the Russian Rivers and consistently offers fantastic fishing with swung flies from [...]

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Anti Tick Clothing

At Fin & Game we strongly believe that Zech-protec clothing is very important when out in the elements. We have a variety of clothing with the impregnated, odourless chemical. You can see our products by clicking here... FIN & GAME ROVINCE PRODUCT.Why Rovince?In the UK tens of thousands of people are bitten by ticks each [...]

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Specialist Fly Fishing Equipment at Fin & Game

Specialist Fly Fishing EquipmentMoustache Trigger fish caught on a weedless flexo crabThe Seychelles has become one of the worlds most renowned salt water fisheries in the last ten years through it's shear prolificness and the multiple species it has to offer. These unique fly fishing destinations are still being explored and discovered every year, and we're always [...]

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Mayfly Season

When fishing the unique chalk streams of the United Kingdom the first thing that springs to mind is Mayfly. This insect is part of the order Palaeoptera, along with their close relatives the Damsel fly and Dragon fly. The Mayfly hatch is a hot topic among trout fishers in the spring months. This hatch we talk of, is [...]

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Our Top 10 favourite products for 2018

Each year a range of new products comes out as technologies advance, new concepts develop and our taste develops. 2018 is no difference and all of the leading brands have bought out new products to tempt us with. We have had a look through and picked out our favourite 10 products for the coming season.1. Simms G3 [...]

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Skagit Season

Skagit Season is hereā€¦.Skagit lines is a relatively new phrase in the world of Salmon fisherman here in the UK. Some people have disregarded them with out truly understanding them or having ago with one but it really can add to your days fishing.What is a Skagit?A Skagit is the newest type of fly line for your double handed [...]

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The Mackenzie FX1 Salmon Rod

Since the Mackenzie FX1 was introduced in March 2016, it has created quite a stir amongst salmon fisherman. Claims that the FX1 is made of a material that is stronger than bullet proof vests and 300 times stronger than steel has raised a few eyebrows.The material used, graphene, is what allows these claims to be fact. Graphene is a [...]

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Welcome To The Fin & Game Blog

Welcome to our new shop and blog! After over a year of preparation, the shop has been fully refurbished, stock has been ordered and uploaded to the website and we are ready to go! We are based in Kelso, just a stone's through from the River Tweed and the famous Junction Pool. You are up fishing the [...]

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