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Skagit Season

Posted by Tom on

Skagit Season is here….

Skagit lines is a relatively new phrase in the world of Salmon fisherman here in the UK. Some people have disregarded them with out truly understanding them or having ago with one but it really can add to your days fishing.

What is a Skagit?

A Skagit is the newest type of fly line for your double handed rod. These lines have been designed out of necessity by Steelhead fisherman in the Pacific North West. Steelhead spend a lot of their time hugging the river bed so there is a need to cast heavy flies and fast sink tips across large rivers – and this is where the Skagit plays its trump card! Recently they have become increasingly popular on the large salmon rivers here in the UK.

Setting up a Skagit

There are several options now available in the UK. The most popular being the RIO Skagit iFlight, the RIO Skagit MAX or the Airflo Skagit compact 2.0. All of these options need to be added to a running lime. If you are already using shooting heads there is no need to buy a new reel or running line, they can simply connect to your current running line by a loop-to-loop connection. One thing they all have in common is that you need to add tips to the front end of the line.

Previously this has been an area of huge confusion, thankfully the manufacturers have now tailor made tips which you simple connect to the main line and you are ready to go. Popular tips include the RIO iMOW and MOW tips, and the Airflo FLO Tips. All you have to do is choose the sink rate to suit your fishing.



When to use a Skagit?

Skagit lines are not the answer to all your double handed fishing. They are designed to have a purpose, not every purpose but a specific purpose. If you are looking to cast heavy flies and fast sinking tips a long way, then a Skagit may be the line for you. A Skagit line is noticeably shorter and fatter than other types of line making it easy to cast, especially into a wind or in tight back casting areas.

The short, fat taper of a Skagit will hamper the presentation when compared with other lines, but if casting in strong winds and heavy flies you maybe willing to sacrifice presentation just this once.

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